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We use lanterns and artificial landscapes to inherit Chinese intangible cultural heritage lanterns, interpret the Chinese spirit, and contribute Chinese values to world civilization. Planning and designing quiet and beautiful humanistic and cultural symbols that transcend the secular world, giving people a quiet and secluded distance.

Longteng landscape planning, design and construction always follow the concept of the unity of nature and man, so that people can return to a place where they can completely relax and enjoy their emotions, so that people can be peaceful and distant in the short time and space tunnel, and have a long aftertaste.

Keep going and keep going, time can be expected. As a representative of high-growth enterprises in the industry, today's Longteng Lantern promotes development through transformation, creates the future through innovation, achieves quality through professionalism, and maximizes the potential of enterprises and employees. Resonate, practice our mission concept with hard work and sweat.

The company has won many high-level honors and qualifications with its outstanding performance and quality for many years. Zigong Longteng Culture and Art Co., Ltd. is your reliable partner. Choose Longteng and help each other for a win-win situation!