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congratulate! Deng Peilin, Chairman of Longteng Company, won the title of Yandu Cultural Elite in 2022 "Yandu Hundred Thousand Talents Program"

Mr. Deng Peilin has been fond of art since he was a child. When he applied the art knowledge he learned to the art of lantern design, he fell in love with the lantern culture deeply. He fell in love with the lanterns that he could put his infinite feelings on and show his creativity and creativity. .

After nearly ten years in the Zigong lantern industry, Mr. Deng Peilin raised his own flag and established Zigong Longteng Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

He believes that lantern companies should not only think about making lanterns, but should use lanterns as a carrier, and in the process of creative design, production and exhibition of lanterns, they should be the culture they pursue and be the cultural brand of their own enterprises. Mr. Deng Peilin takes "creating a brand with heart and lighting up the world with lights" as the cultural concept. It shoulders the historical mission of promoting lantern culture, puts forward the goal of "building a world-class brand", implements the development strategy of branding, internationalization and diversification, and creates the Longteng lantern series brand integrating the essence of traditional lanterns and modern technology. , Thousands of works have shined in previous Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Fairs and exhibitions around the world because of their innovative creativity, beautiful shape, exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious workmanship, and successfully spread Zigong Lantern Festival and dinosaur wonders to all parts of the world. With excellent performance and development strength, Longteng has become one of the leading brand companies in Zigong's lantern culture industry, and has become a strong force in Zigong's lantern culture industry. The rich performance of Longteng Culture Company has laid an infinite space for continuous development, and has been highly valued by governments at all levels and the industry.

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