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[Longteng Culture] "Dragon Prosperity" | The new landmark giant lantern group shines in the dark night of "Dragon Lantern Simulation Dinosaur Cultural Creative Park"

Zigong Longteng Culture and Art Co., Ltd. is located in the Millennium Salt Capital, the Hometown of Dinosaurs, and China's Lantern City. It is a backbone enterprise in the colorful lantern culture industry from Sanduo Village, Da'an District, Zigong City. After nearly 20 years of development, the company has a "Longteng Lantern Simulation Dinosaur Cultural and Creative Park" with more than 100 acres of independent property rights, which has a great influence in the industry. Here, it is not only the office of the company, but also a collection of lanterns, dinosaur landscape art innovation, creative research and development, production and exhibition. It is a grand view garden of colorful lanterns, dinosaur landscape art and culture, and a human landscape that extends the industrial chain of colorful lanterns.

The winding Datang Mountains stretch like a dormant dragon. The "Dragon Prosperity" giant lantern art sculpture is composed of coiled dragons, auspicious clouds and Qishan. It is exquisite in shape, well-made and magnificent, representing the "new business card" of our Longteng Company. , is also a unique and most dazzling scenery on the North Ring Road. The "Dragon Culture" of the Chinese nation is extensive and profound. The dragon is the symbol of the spiritual totem of the Chinese nation. The descendants of the dragon are naturally determined to pursue their own dreams. The dragon flying cloud rides the fog above the gate of the park, implying the enterprise spirit of Longteng Company entrenched in Datang Mountain and leaping across all continents. The Jiaolong takes off above the auspicious clouds, just like the dormant Canglong is about to take off, and a bright future will be realized in our unremitting struggle!

"Dragon Prosperity" in the dark night of "Longteng Lantern Simulation Dinosaur Cultural and Creative Park" is like a bright pearl flickering in the Datang Mountains, indicating that there is a group of beloved lantern culture here, aiming to "build a brand with heart and use lights" Lighting up the world" Longteng lantern people forge ahead with constant persistence, inheritance of skills, and continuous innovation!

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