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Zigong: New Opportunities for Phoenix Dance, Long Teng Bright Lanterns

Zigong City, Sichuan Province has a hometown of dinosaurs in archaeology, a thousand-year-old salt gang in food, bright lanterns in culture, and industrial ballast in industry. In terms of history, there are Yandu, Gongjing, and Artesian Well; in terms of characters, there are Sister Jiang, Deng Ping, and Wu Yuzhang. In the words of "Preface to the Pavilion of King Teng", it is "the treasures of wealth and beauty, and the outstanding people".

Dragons are prosperous for thousands of years, and phoenix dances are thousands of miles in the sky. Zigong lantern culture has a long history, and the aviation industry has strong potential. The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious and the dragon is flying and the phoenix is dancing. The common themes in these lanterns also herald a bright future for the Zigong lantern industry. According to statistics, there are 100,000 people in Zigong currently engaged in the lantern industry-related work. While solving a large number of jobs, lanterns also create considerable economic value. More importantly, this industry has inherited a variety of festival customs and maintained an endless cultural self-confidence.

"Making a brand with your heart and lighting up the world with lights." In a lantern company called "Longteng Culture" in Zigong City, people remember this sentence. This "heart" is not only the heart of protecting inheritance, but also the heart of innovation and development. Therefore, there are not only dragons, phoenixes, tigers, elephants and other shapes in traditional Chinese culture, but also various images such as Smurfs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, helicopters, etc., covering ancient and modern China and foreign countries, and fully docking the market. In the workshop, a Canadian-made "helicopter" has been skeletonized, but the exterior decoration has not yet been completed. According to the person in charge of the company, the ex-factory price of this lantern is 80,000 yuan, and the customer is responsible for the transportation. He said that although the epidemic has affected the export of products to a certain extent, the Chinese lantern industry has become famous.

"Different animals are psychic, rare birds offer auspiciousness, old gardens are deep in spring and flowers are blooming; Yinlin plays with waves, koi Tenghuan, and the lotus pond is full of mussels." A pair of couplets hanging in the exhibition hall seems to be describing The scenery actually explains some common traditional themes and craftsmanship of Zigong lantern products. Culture drives the industry, and the industry inherits culture. This is the correct way to open the cultural industry, and it is also an effective way to inherit the cultural industry. The lights that light up the world are not only colorful lights in the eyes, but also cultural lights in the heart.

An airport in Zigong is also the existence of "dragon flying and phoenix dancing". On the straight runway, training planes roared and rolled into the blue sky. The graceful figure of the plane is like a frightening bird, and the air is like a dragon; the mighty sound of the plane is like the roar of a dragon, and the sound of a phoenix in the distance. The official name of this airport is "Zigong Fengming General Airport", and it really lives up to its name.

According to reports, the airport has great potential for development. First of all, it is located in the geographical center of southern Sichuan, and has a strong ability to radiate surrounding urban agglomerations; secondly, the airport itself covers a large area, which is conducive to the research and development and flight of aviation industry units; The development of the aviation industry here provides strong support. If the traditional industrial base and the emerging aviation industry are combined, the future development of Zigong is very exciting.

Zigong Fangte Dinosaur Kingdom has basically been built and is preparing for its opening. Here, dinosaurs are the core theme and cultural atmosphere of the entire playground. The effect in the three-dimensional cinema is very realistic. When the lights are turned off, people seem to travel to the Cretaceous in an instant, fly with the birds, and face the dinosaurs. The stormy seas are like mountains, the dragons are like electricity, and the tourists sometimes exclaim and laugh at times, full of thrilling and novel feelings. Those prehistoric dinosaurs should also have the desire to soar; those ancient birds should also have the dream of dancing. Perhaps the cultural origin of the dragon and phoenix dance should extend to these distant natural scenes. The cultural future of flying dragons and phoenixes is the direction of the efforts of contemporary Chinese people to unite and forge ahead. Architectural decoration of dinosaur culture atmosphere. People's Daily Online Photo by Liu Haitian

It is difficult to describe the past and ancient things, and walk around the buildings lightly. Dinosaurs are always there, on Qianxun Mountain, on the top of a hundred-foot house. In the park, there are many dinosaur images arranged in different heights and sizes. They are not scary, but intriguing. This is the new image of Zigong dragon culture: domineering but not tacky, friendship breeds friendship, and the development of dragons and phoenixes will benefit the north, south, east and west.

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