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[Longteng Culture] Celebrate June 1 | Lantern research and study tour activities will enter Longteng again

On the afternoon of May 27, 2022, more than 120 students from the Central Primary School of Xinglong Town, Yantan District, Zigong City, divided into three research groups, lined up to come to the "Longteng Lantern Dinosaur Landscape Cultural Creative Park". The company's staff, as docents, led the students to visit the company's art exhibition hall, workshop exhibition hall, lanterns, and sculpture dinosaur production workshop in groups.

The students learned and understood the production process of traditional lanterns. Before, they only knew that Zigong lanterns were beautiful, but they did not know how they were made. Today, when I visit the lantern-making process site in person, I realize that the spectacular lantern group is made by the exquisite skills of the lantern craftsmen.

After visiting our exhibition hall and production workshop, the students sat together in the handicraft room and learned about the glorious history of Zigong Lantern Festival and Zigong Lantern Festival from the folk to the world.

The content of the lantern culture class is rich and colorful, and the cultural and creative gifts prepared by the company for the students were delivered to the students in the interaction of answering the lantern culture knowledge. There are also small handmade lighting works made by the students themselves. After the class, the students took a group photo with their own lighting works, filled with the joy of returning home with a lot of harvest.

After this study tour of the practical educational activity of "Exploring the lantern culture and comprehending the artistic conception of the lantern city", I hope that the students will love Zigong lanterns, care for Zigong lanterns, and make their own contributions to inheriting Zigong lanterns culture in the future.

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