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On-site and market inspections for the Investment Festival of Lights

With the rapid development of the lantern culture industry, many lantern companies are trying to develop from the traditional order-based operation to the investment-oriented operation. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the site of the festival of lights. What are the basic elements of the inspection site and the market?

The elements of the inspection site and market are as follows:

1. The basic conditions for holding the Lantern Festival at the venue: whether the water and electricity facilities provide guarantee for the Lantern Festival; conditions for placing the lamp group, vegetation, trees and water; sufficient pedestrian passages, the maximum number of people in the park, and the construction site of the lamp group production shed , living conditions, accommodation conditions, etc.

2. For the climatic conditions during the festival of lights, check the history to analyze whether there are catastrophic and destructive bad weather during the holding period.

3. The closed management conditions of the venue and the feasible implementation conditions for admission to the park.

4. The conditions of the transportation facilities around the venue, the smooth flow of transportation, and whether the parking lot can be used during the Lantern Festival.

5. Comprehensive information on the venue of the Lantern Festival, including economic affluence, people's tourism consumption index, cultural tourism demand, and population density.

6. Are there any similar types of Lantern Festivals held in history, and whether there are any bright spots and hotspots beyond the past.

7. Investigate the number of people entering the park during the same period during the Lantern Festival.

8. Inspect the basic qualifications of partners.

9. Investigate the relationship between partners and local media and the publicity plan for the Festival of Lights, etc.

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