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[Longteng News] North Sichuan Medical College goes to the countryside for three times

On July 7th, the students of clinical medicine from North Sichuan Medical College visited Longteng Cultural and Creative Park under the leadership of Mr. Zhao Maozong. In order to explore the lantern culture that has been passed down for thousands of years, cultivate the enthusiasm of contemporary young people for traditional culture, and experience the intangible material of the Chinese nation. The unique charm of cultural heritage has carried out a research trip to "explore Zigong lantern culture and understand the artistic conception of lantern city", and deeply understand the long history and brilliant achievements of Zigong lantern production. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Que Xiangdong, the company's cultural consultant, told the students about the origin, changes and achievements of Zigong lanterns. Zigong has always been known as "Southern Lantern City". He mentioned that "China Lantern City" is a beautiful picture of Zigong City. The city's cultural business card, the development and achievements of the lantern industry embody the great spirit of the people of Zigong to forge ahead and dare to be the first in the world. Teacher Que's remarks aroused everyone's strong interest in the lanterns. Afterwards, the students visited the company's production workshop and art exhibition hall. In the production workshop, the students visited the production process of lamp group design, art lofting, three-dimensional modeling, circuit processing, color separation and pasting, art processing, etc., which fully demonstrated the exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsmen. In the art exhibition hall, the lantern samples are beautiful and varied in form. The silk-carved lantern draws inspiration from traditional culture, and uses the "hollowing out" process to weave works of art with both ethereal and elegant beauty, shining with dreamy colors. "Alec Dog" is the product of the modern sci-fi trend. Under the ingenuity of craftsmen, classical and fashion are skillfully combined to become the source of lantern culture, and they continue to learn from ancient and modern Chinese and foreign experience, and have the courage to innovate. It is an important factor for the vigorous development of Zigong lantern industry.

After the visit, the students experienced the process of hand-painting lanterns, and painted various patterns on the plain white lampshade. They held up the lanterns they made to form a beautiful landscape.

This research and study tour ended successfully with the group photo of the students. I also hope that the students can have a deeper understanding of and feel the unique charm of lantern culture through this research and study tour, and learn the spirit of craftsmen's pursuit of excellence and innovation, so as to contribute to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture. A deeper understanding.

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