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Zigong Lantern Festival: Beautiful, God's Desire

In the festival of reunion, the Spring Festival,

You will choose to stay at home with your family to talk and laugh with your family,

I still travel with my family.

The place I'm going to introduce to you today is a place that is suitable to go to play with your family during the Spring Festival.

Zigong, maybe you don't know this five or six cities,

Probably never heard of this small city in southwest Sichuan.

But I believe you must often see the "Zigong Lantern Festival" in the hot search.

During the Spring Festival, countless foreign tourists will come to this city one after another.

Come to appreciate the famous "Zigong Lantern Festival" at home and abroad and feel the strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

Zigong Lantern Festival has a long history.

As early as the early Western Han Dynasty, there were simple and clear written records.

At that time, it was only one of the ways for the common people to celebrate festivals.

After hundreds of years of continuous development of lamp-making skills,

Today's lantern festival has changed from a folk festival to an international festival.

In 1964, the first Zigong Lantern Festival was officially held.

Since then, Zigong Lantern Festival has been developing continuously for decades.

Today's Zigong Lantern Festival is not only an event for Zigong citizens to watch,

It has also developed into a well-known Spring Festival event both at home and abroad. Over the years, it has been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities.

It is also held in foreign countries such as Singapore, Thailand and other countries, demonstrating my country's unique traditional culture.

Lantern festivals are not only held in special places,

There are also beautiful lantern exhibits on the street for pedestrians to watch.

Every year, the Zigong Municipal People's Government will decorate key streets with beautiful lantern exhibits.

And creatively designed the zodiac of the year to dress up the streets,

and national policies.

Let tourists feel the strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival when they come to Zigong.

Give visitors a strong visual impact.

Zigong Lantern Festival is a traditional festival, but it is not a festival that sticks to the rules and stops.

Every year, the creative team of the Lantern Festival uses their own ideas to combine the times and the strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival to design ingenious craftsmanship.

Gorgeous lantern exhibits. Such as the use of lantern exhibits can not only show the characteristics of various ethnic groups,

The lantern exhibits can also be used to highlight the characteristics of the times and the policies and strategies proposed by the Party Central Committee.

And use lantern exhibits to communicate with foreign countries to highlight my country's traditional culture and the attitude of friendship with foreign countries.

Zigong Lantern Festival is not only a festival that reflects traditional culture,

Not just a tourist attraction,

In 1987, Zigong City held the first International Dinosaur Lantern Fair.

Aiming to promote Zigong and other cities in China,

As well as trade and cultural exchanges with other countries in the world.

This exchange will combine tradition with modernity, culture with trade,

Promote the economic development of Zigong and other regions.

With the development of the exchange meeting, more Chinese people and people from all over the world have come to know the city of Zigong and the Zigong Lantern Festival.

After decades of continuous development of Zigong Lantern Festival,

Today's lantern festival design team is not only loved by the Chinese people,

And the welcome of foreign people. And it has received invitations and warm welcomes from dozens of foreign countries and regions.

Maybe you have never heard of Zigong before reading this article,

Never heard of Zigong Lantern Festival,

But I hope you can come to Zigong with your family during the Spring Festival next year,

Can spend a never-before-seen Spring Festival.

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